Glace Chase’s hilarious interview

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Ex-Child star, peace activist and saviour, Glace Chase is synonymous with the term “world healing”. From a star studded debut at the age of seven in the sitcom Boy Knows How to Do It, Glace has consistently charmed, coddled and scolded the public into making a difference. He connects to people through song, his medium of choice, and has sung acceptance into the hearts and minds of those who have heard him. His hit songs include Paedolicious, Daddy’s Little Girl (for Bindi), and Zebra Crossings (Look Both Ways).

Glace has been seen throughout Australia with his band The Management, in his live show I am Glace Chase, which has played several successful seasons at Will & Tobys (NSW), The Butterfly Club (VIC) and the Adelaide Feast Festival. For more info check out his official website.

Watch the hilarious combination of Miz Ima Starr and recovering child star Glace Chase as they ponder television stardom, Tourette’s syndrome and XTube auditions with muppet characters.

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